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Aim For Solid Returns
With returns up to 14% p.a.* you get your money working as hard as you do.
Low Initial Investment
With just RM100, start your investment dashboard to access a diverse range of opportunity notes.
A Peace of Mind
SC Regulated to ensure the security of your money on a platform that won't lose sleep over.
Customised Risk Mitigation Model
Via Cofundr's Customised Risk Mitigation Model, investors are assured of a higher degree of investment quality*
Shorter Term Investment Period
From 6 month - 24 months opportunities broaden your investment horizon without locking up your money long-term.
*Subject to terms & conditions

Estimate Your Earnings

With Cofundr, you get substantially higher returns minus the risk. Slide the pointer to indicate your investment preference and compare the difference.

Amount of money for investment:
RM 100
Rate of Return:
6 % p.a.
Period of time of investment:
3 month(s)
Fixed Deposit
of return from bank
of return from investment

We Are a Trusted & Secure P2P Operator in Malaysia

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At Cofundr, we're using cutting-edge technology to transform the industry and deliver investment opportunities that actually work for you.

No jargon. No messy procedures. Just a community of savvy investors on a platform that is simple to use, easy to understand, and incredibly rewarding – allowing more ways for you to create and expand your wealth.

There is indeed, no better time to #BeACofundr!

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