Issuer's Fees and Charges

  Amount (RM) Based on Amount Raised
Onboarding/ Processing Fee (Non-refundable) 200.00; payable only upon acceptance of Indicative Issue Request.  
Success Fee (Payable Upon Disbursement to Issuer or prior to disbursement to Designated Recipient) 2.00% of Amount Raised Any amount.
Late Interest Charges 18% per annum (APR) on outstanding balance  
Early Repayment Charge RM500.00 (1)  
Security Agent Fee RM300.00 for Note Tenure up to 1 year; RM500.00 for Note Tenure up to 2 years; RM600.00 for Note Tenure up to 3 years.  
Legal Documentation Fee RM200.00  
Perfection of Charge Documentation (Collateral Arrangement) As charged  
Cancelation of Issue Request upon success raise by Issuer RM500.00  
Recovery Costs As claimed