Charles Tang
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Charles is a serial entrepreneur and ecommerce pioneer, starting his first ecommerce venture way back in 1998 while he was studying Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London. A self-taught programmer, his first venture did so well that he promptly dropped out of college to pursue it. Since then he has successfully built multiple technology platforms including  InstanteStore (an ecommerce platform), Retaily (a digital marketing platform) and (a live video platform). Understanding the business, marketing and technical side of things, Charles has the uncanny ability to know what needs to be done and how to get it done. This experience and know-how brings tremendous value to Cofundr.

Charles is also active in the tech start-up scene. He firmly believes that young start-ups can achieve greater success with some real world guidance. As such, he is a frequent mentor and judge in tech start-up events including Founder Institute, Angel Hack, Start-up Weekend and others.